World Class CNP Education

The Direct Response Forum’s annual event is unique. It is not your typical conference driven by sales and marketing motives. There is no expo or exhibit hall. The purpose of this event is to provide payments education. Knowledgeable professionals network and share information without the distractions of overt sales and marketing activities.

Since the very beginning of the DRF, over two decades ago, we have been the source some of the largest merchants in the world turn to for best practices on transaction processing, reducing fraud, and handling chargebacks. Depending on the volume of transactions your business processes, a single technique or idea learned from the forum could generate tens of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars in savings.

Merchant attendees come away from the Forum with:

  • Practical information to improve payment processes in their organizations
  • An opportunity to exchange strategies and tactics with other merchants and card company representatives in a neutral venue
  • A renewed enthusiasm for the world of CNP payments

The DRF gives you front row access to speeches and presentations of the influential movers and shakers in the CNP field. Every year nearly 500 payment professionals from around the world attend the Direct Response Forum.


 The question isn’t why should you join the DRF, but rather why wouldn’t you?




 What do DRF members say about the forum?

  •  The Direct Response Forum is a great place to go for education without worrying about sales advances from service providers.  The DRF merchant and advisory board truly work together as a team to provide the best environment for educating.–DRF 2014 Attendee

  •  The Direct Response Forum bridges the gap of industry communication between merchants and external organizations such as service providers, legislators, etc.–DRF 2014 Attendee

  •  The Direct Response Forum offers excellent networking opportunities.  I believe all that attend feel comfortable sharing information and asking questions.–DRF 2014 Attendee

  •  The subjects are relevant to current business environment and issues (internal) facing organizations today.–DRF 2014 Attendee

  •  Being new to the payment industry it was good to be immersed in industry topics and to be surrounded by other professionals working and dealing with similar challenges. –DRF 2014 Attendee

  •  The Direct Response Forum is solely focused on providing Payments Education to professionals in the Card Not Present environment. Regardless of where you sit in your organization, if you touch payments as part of your role in your company then the educational content you will receive is invaluable. Part of the educational experience you will receive is from the networking opportunities you are provided, learning from your peers and having the ability to speak directly with card issuers, acquirers and service providers. This truly is world class education.

    –Chantal Gaspie, Sr. Director North American Billing Operations, Affinion Group/Direct Response Forum Eagle Advisor